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Boris, the Broker

In the far galaxy, million light-years away... 


... don’t be surprised with whom or what creatures you, Cuan Troopers, will meet! 


It may be a green tall alien, a giant worm with teeth - or a talking cat dressed like Kanye - danger is always lurking. Many can surprise you outside of our Earth’s comfort zone. 


As such, the investing journey can be confusing, surprising and out of this World - all at the same time. Every warrior will need a guide. A trusted one - maybe even one with a tail. This is where Boris comes in. 


Yes, it’s a name of a cat. Let me introduce you to Sucor’s  most provocative personality: Boris the Broker. He is a very outspoken cat. Every morning he wakes up and curses capitalism, the very system he lives off of to buy some Royal Canin. Even though he tries to put on a stern and dignified front, he would never turn down a chance to become friends with Homo sapiens who don’t think it is weird to be penpals with a cat. 


Boris is a snarky but dedicated writer who will send you cat-chy advice on the stock market and investing. Trading tips and tricks, where to find valuable gems, and hidden ‘treasures’, Boris always has something to say about everything. 


Boris has dedicated his lifetime learning more about the world. He seeks out knowledge and puts himself in every situation possible, true to his role as a curious cat - So rest assured, Boris has done it all and knows it all. Despite everything we’ve mentioned about Boris’ more, ahem… , questionable habits, we recommend you take a chance on Boris and hear what he wants to tell you. 


Visit Boris’ blog on for some pawsome guides to winning the stock market 


Meow the force be with you.

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