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Ramadhan truly has this magical way of bringing people closer, doesn't it? It's that time of year when breaking fast together isn't just about the food; it's a golden opportunity to catch up with old friends who, let's face it, we probably only see during this holy month.

Just the other day, I had the chance to break fast with a friend from elementary school. Last time we caught up, she was expecting, and yesterday, she brought along her baby. Absolutely adorable! Moments like these make you go, "Hmm, maybe I want one too. Lol."

My friend, embracing motherhood for the first time, delved into how raising kids today is worlds apart from our parents' era.

Remember how our moms used to bask us in the morning sun in our house’ terrace or at the park, following pediatricians' advice? Well, my friend tells me her doctor actually advises against keeping the little one outdoors for too long, citing unavoidable pollution risks and the threat of respiratory diseases. Times have changed, and so have parenting advisories, it seems!

And just when you thought the conversation couldn't take another turn, I found myself channeling my inner real estate agent. That very morning, I had visited Sentul City, and with a property brochure in hand, I couldn't help but pitch it to my friend as a potential new beginning.

I told her, “I think I've found the solution for you, you need to move to Sentul City.”

When I showed her the IQAir levels in Sentul City, her jaw dropped! She was stunned that in the midst of Jabodetabek's hustle and bustle, there existed a place with air quality reminiscent of her hometown in Wonosobo.

We were really lucky when Pak Eddy and his team came on board at BKSL in the third quarter of 2022. Without their involvement, we might not have had the chance to access affordable housing in Sentul City. As we know, the houses in Sentul City used to be large and probably only purchased by those who could afford to keep them as weekend homes.

But since Pak Eddy and his team stepped in, they've launched several clusters with prices that are more imaginable and accessible to a broader market.

In the past 1.5 years, Sentul City has launched 4 clusters, and they're all sold out. If you compare with other housing developers, none have launched as many clusters as Sentul City has. It's a testament to how well-thought-out their strategy is, catering to a need for quality, affordable housing in a serene environment.

The Spring Valley cluster, launched in November 2022, is set to be the first handover in almost a decade, coming up in March 2024, faster than expected. This will be followed by Parkville, which is expected to hand over in September this year.

BKSL is truly reshaping the housing development landscape, emerging as a disruptor at a time when many developers are grappling with dwindling land banks or the high costs of acquiring new ones. Armed with nearly 15k hectares of land, BKSL is in a prime position to innovate and expand.

Their homes, priced between Rp 800 million to Rp 1 billion, fly off the market as soon as they're launched.

Who wouldn't want to snag a home with breathtaking views for under Rp 1 billion?

It's become a familiar story, how housing brokers are now clamoring to partner up with BKSL, hoping to get a piece of the action. Their projects are like instant hits - announced, launched, sold. It's a cycle that seems to repeat itself with every new cluster they unveil.

Source: Sucor Research

The financing landscape has evolved dramatically too. Recall the initial launch of Spring Valley back in November 2022, when not a single bank was willing to offer financing. Fast forward to now, and the situation couldn't be more different.

Even Alfamart, a name everyone recognizes, stepped up their game by purchasing not one or two, but six shop houses at once in a BKSL project. Typically, they would limit their purchases to two or three. This change of strategy is a strong vote of confidence in BKSL's developments, indicating a bullish outlook on the area's growth and the quality of life it promises its residents. The buzz around BKSL isn't just about the homes anymore; it's about creating a vibrant community where even commercial giants want a stake.

Throughout 2023, BKSL's marketing sales hit an impressive Rp 1 trillion, and that's just from direct housing retail sales alone. This year, they're aiming to double their marketing sales from the previous year, a target that doesn't even take into account potential land bank sales. With BKSL currently in discussions with several parties, the victory of Presidential Candidate No. 2 has sparked an even higher demand for a piece of BKSL's land banks. The queue is long because there's widespread anticipation that infrastructure development in the area will be fast-tracked.

Source: Sucor Research

In conclusion, the development and performance of BKSL are expected to accelerate rapidly. Earning investor trust is no small feat. Just like when Pak Eddy first joined in 2022, regaining the confidence of housing brokers, banks, and buyers required a monumental effort, sweat, and perseverance before that trust was fully restored.

However, Pak Eddy and his team remained undeterred. Commitment and responsibility have been key to their progress. And we believe the first handover from BKSL will be a game changer, setting a new precedent for the real estate market. This isn't just about selling homes; it's about building communities and ensuring sustainable growth for all stakeholders involved. The future looks bright for BKSL, and it's an exciting time to be a part of this journey.


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